Face savers

Whichever type of facial you choose, it is a fantastic method of preventing and treating common skin problems associated with seasonal changes or other ailments, such as dry skin and breakouts.

Indulging in a regular facial can result in smoother and firmer skin, better hydration, fewer breakouts and a glowing complexion. Check out the range of facials available at Parrots Hairdressing.

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  • Mini Facials


    A Mini Facial starts with a thorough cleanse, then the skin is exfoliated and a mask applied.

  • Deep-cleansing Facial


    This four-step process begins with a thorough cleanse, followed by a steam, exfoliation and application of a mask.

  • Hydrating Facial Treatment


    The Hydrating Facial Treatment is for particularly dry skin. It begins with a cleanse followed by a steam and exfoliation, a hydrating serum is then applied along with a relaxing massage prior to a facial mask.

  • Deluxe Facial Treatment


    A Deluxe Facial Treatment begins with a deep cleanse followed by a steam, exfoliation and relaxing massage of face and décolletage.

Eyebrow & Eyelash Tints

  • Eyelash Tint


  • Eyebrow Tint



  • Makeup Formal


  • Makeup Bridal


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